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Special Education Law Resources

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

The I.D.E.A. is the federal law that governs special education law in the U.S. This law allows for individual states to offer greater, but not lesser protections for qualified disabled individuals. I.D.E.A. remains the fundamental basis for special education law in all fifty states.

Illinois special education statute (school code)

The state laws that implement I.D.E.A. and govern special education procedures in Illinois. These statutes are further delineated in Illinois’ special education rules and regulations (see below).

Illinois special education rules and regulations

Title 23, Part 226 of the Illinois Administrative Code further regulates and explains the duties and responsibilities of both parents and school districts in regards to special education children in Illinois. Information included in these regulations include: mandates for case study evaluations, mandates for IEP procedures, responsibilities of districts for children in private schools and regulations for due process.

Illinois Due Process Hearing Decisions

Includes summaries of all Illinois due process hearing decisions rendered from July 1997 – present. To receive unabridged, redacted copies of specific hearing decisions, contact Bobbie Reguly in the Special Education Compliance Division of the Illinois State Board of Education at (217) 782-5589.