Defending Your Child in an Illinois Suspension and Expulsion Hearing

Whitted Takiff LLC is an experienced school law firm located in Northbrook, Illinois. We are available to help parents and students the greater Chicago area, Cook County, Lake County, DuPage County, and the other collar counties, and throughout northern Illinois.

Advocates for Your Child

Are you the parent of a child who has been threatened with suspension or expulsion from school? You have a right to request a suspension or expulsion hearing through the school district, and the right to protect your child’s access to an appropriate education. The attorneys and advocates of Whitted Takiff LLC can help.

Our team of education lawyers and advocates brings decades of experience to every case we handle. Whether your child has gotten in trouble for fighting, theft, threats of violence to teachers or other students, bomb threats, truancy, “senior pranks” or any other disciplinary infraction, our lawyers can represent you and your child at the school suspension or expulsion hearing.

Discipline Involving Children with Disabilities

Unfortunately, children with disabilities are frequently the target of discipline, including school suspension and expulsion. If your child’s misbehavior — or perceived misbehavior — is the result of an underlying disability, we can provide you with information to help you appropriately address the disability before a suspension or expulsion hearing. We will carefully consider all options to improve the situation by developing an efficient, practical and creative solution that will minimize the impact this situation has on his or her education.

Children with disabilities have the same right to education as anyone else. The establishment of an individual education program (IEP) or some other change in the way he or she is taught may solve the disciplinary problem and resolve the situation without undue conflict.

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