Brooke’s Top 12 For Surrogate Parents

1. DON’T get preoccupied with procedures if things are going your way – pay attention to relevant items!

2. DON’T forget to ASK the Rowley questions:

  • Procedures obeyed?
  • IEP conferring benefits?

3. DON’T speak up at a staffing just to hear the sound of your voice;

4. DON’T hesitate to use effective theatrical techniques;

5. DON’T forget that you have access to talented experts and DON’T attend crucial staffings without one present;

6. DON’T forget what a powerful tool the STAY PUT clause can be;

7. DON’T forget about the NO-EXCUSE provision;

8. DON’T forget to think and act like a lawyer in contentious cases, before you get to the conference;

9. DON’T forget that your authority is SUPERIOR;

10. DON’T think like a social worker or a psychologist – stick with the facts and know them better than anyone;

11. DON’T forget that FOIA is a powerful tool – learn how to use it!

12. DON’T forget that you’re trying to solve a problem, not mount a federal case – start out nice, get nasty only if you have to!